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Introduction of
Jen Chen Buddhism

Sakyamuni Buddha came to this world more than 2,500 years ago. His life spanned 81 years and for 49 years he expounded on the Dharma. During this period, by expedient means he preached the five vehicles of Buddhism, namely the Humanity Vehicle, the Heavenly Vehicle, the Sravaka Vehicle, the Paryeka-Buddha Vehicle and the Bodhisattva Vehicle.

Jen Chen is a phonetic translation from Mandarin Chinese (人乘佛教), meaning Humanity Vehicle. The term 'vehicle' in Buddhism is analogous to a conveyance of deliverance for sentient beings.

World Jen Chen Buddhism was founded by Venerable Master Shen Kai. It aims to purify the human mind and promote a blissful culture for humanity. World Jen Chen Buddhism is dedicated to the spreading of the Humanity Vehicle Buddhism. As the name suggests, Jen Chen Buddhism's relevance to our daily lives constantly confronts us.

Objectives of Jen Chen Buddhism

The principles of Jen Chen Buddhism are compatible with the needs of our modern societies. Venerable Master Shen Kai, the leader of World Jen Chen Buddhism, advocates the application of Buddha's teachings in our daily lives so that Buddhist principles can be understood, embraced and practiced by all with the aim of creating a bright and happy life.

1) To practice the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha.
2) To generate Bodhisattva spirit in words and deeds.
3) To promote Jen Chen Buddhism.
4) To unfold the wisdom of humanity.
5) To promote a blissful culture for humanity.
6) To purify the mind of humanity.
7) To manifest compassion and loving-kindness.
8) To benefit society through our deeds.
9) To help establish a pure world.
10) To advance world peace.
11) To create a beautiful world.
12) To cultivate supreme enlightenment.

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