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Venerable Master Shen Kai
Founder of World Jen Chen Buddhism

Venerable Master Shen Kai was born in 1918 in Kui-Zhou, China. In his early years he studied many religions, but he was so inspired by what the Buddha taught that he dedicated himself to promotion of Buddhism and became ordained as a Buddhist monk.

Master Shen Kai perceived that many people had difficulty understanding the Buddha's teachings ( Dharma) because they were often shrouded in mystery and complexity. Over centuries Buddhism splintered into various factions each emphasizing different practices and beliefs. As a result, the novice is easily intimidated or apprehensive. Buddhism became either neglected or treated as a subject of academic research. Buddhism became inaccessible to the general public.

In view of this situation, Master Shen Kai sensed an urgent need to present Buddha's teachings in a manner easily comprehendible by all. Since Supreme Enlightenment or Buddhahood is attained only by cultivating from within the human realm, Master Shen Kai emphasized that we need to embark on the Vehicle of Buddhism most suitable for human beings if we are to be realistic about becoming enlightened ourselves. That vehicle is the Humanity Vehicle Buddhism. Thus, he founded World Jen Chen Buddhism.

The Venerable master vows to return to this world life after life to promote Jen Chen Buddhism to help us purify our minds, and create bright and blissful lives. In his effort to uphold the morality and dignity of humanity, he traveled widely delivering Dharma talks in many countries. He illustrates that the principles of Jen Chen Buddhism are compatible with the natural capacities of humanity and also

fulfill the needs of our modern times. Through these efforts, the Venerable Master hopes that we all can benefit from these teachings, unfold our wisdom and follow the Bodhisattva practice until we become Buddhas ourselves.

As the teacher of World Jen Chen Buddhism, Venerable Master Shen Kai, encourages one and all to seek enlightenment, and to work in unison to guide every human being to emulate the Bodhisattvas, to become Bodhisattvas themselves, and to promote the Bodhisattva-Humanity Vehicle Buddhism for all sentient beings life after life.

Venerable Master Shen Kai departed this world on August 4,1996 in California, USA, but his spirit continues to inspire us. He left a legacy of books and publications on the humanistic teachings of Jen Chen Buddhism, dozens of Jen Chen Buddhism outreach missions and innumerable disciples, both members of the Sangha and lay-Buddhists who continue to promote a Culture of Bliss for humanity around the world.

In April of 1993 Venerable Master Shen Kai dispatched his disciple Rev. Jueh-Ming to Houston Texas to establish Jen Chen Buddhism Houston Mission there and serve as abbess. The following year on Buddha's birthday Houston Mission inaugurated the publication of The Jen Chen Journal. A quarterly journal Bodhi, emphasizing cultivation and lay testimony followed in 1995.

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