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Words of Bodhi

By Venerable Master Shen Kai

Content yourself with ordinary life.
Don't strive to be a special person.
Prepare yourself to let go of everything.
Don't be the one who can not let go of anything.

He who recognizes his mistakes is truly intelligent.
He who repents his mistakes is wise indeed.

Let your words resonate Buddha's teachings.
Let your acts be in accord with Buddha's example.
Your mind reverberates with Bodhi.

Not do what we want to, do what we ought to.

Helping others is helping yourself;
Praising others is praising yourself;
Belittling others is belittling yourself;
Slandering others is slandering yourself.

Gain foreshadows loss;
Success forecasts failure;
Those who practice Dharma should be
detached from gain or loss, success or failure.

He who pities himself will never find sympathy from others.
He who is arrogant will never engender respect.
He who lacks confidence will never be assigned important tasks.
He who speaks frivolously will never be trusted.

Dwelling in equanimity is the spirit of Truth.
Quieting the mischievous mind is practicing the Truth.

Awareness is Bodhi.
Once aware, retain that state of awareness.

Be humble, repentant, and introspective.
Only then, virtues and morality can be cultivated.
A lot of problems will naturally dissolve.

Even those who have bright future,
sometimes may do things that destroy the future;
Even those who are trustworthy,
sometimes may do things that betray that trust;
Even those who show great promise,
sometimes may do things that fall short of such expectations;
Even those who are intelligent,
sometimes may do foolish things.

Be compassionate, peaceful, serene,
accommodating, and non-judgmental.
All the righteous traits are the
"the true sublimity."

He who can not bring happiness to others will not be happy himself.
He who causes others pain and suffering will also experience pain and suffering.
He who nourishes the spiritual life of others will nourish his own.
He who corrupts the spiritual life of others
will be way ahead in the path of eroding his own.

To cultivate is to first witness
the rebirth of one's inner thoughts.
Then we may be able to relieve others
from the endless cycle of thoughts.
(each rise and fall of an inner thought,
mirrors the life span of a sentient being).

It is very simple to eliminate suffering.
Accept everything with ease, and let go completely.

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