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A white mountain

(comes from principle+interest)

By Jen Chen Buddhist

Once upon a time, a monk meditated under a tree, and a vision of a white mountain appearing in his meditation for many days. He was very curious, so he went into deep meditation. In his deepest mind, he saw one of his past lives:

He was cooking alone in the kitchen. He had run out of salt, so he went to his neighbor to borrow a spoonful of salt. Unfortunately, his neighbor was not home. He took a spoonful of salt thinking he would return it the next day, but he forgot.

After many years and many lives passed, the spoonful of salt that he owed his neighbor had become a white mountain of salt.

Lesson: Don't take anything that does not belong to you, not even a cent.

1. Que: What do you learn from this story?

2. Que: How do you apply this lesson into your daily life?

Young people should stay away from desires

The obstacle to purity of mind is excessive desire and attachment.

If the young person, even of tender age, has the capacity to discern the desires that contaminate, the desires that confine, the desires that malign, and the desires that lead to vile consequence.

If this youth can not only become aware of these vicious desires, but also detach himself / herself from them, then his / her mind becomes pure and serene. Otherwise, one's mind remains forever impure.

If one's mind is void of attachments, one is at ease. Dwelling constantly in the land of equanimity will lead one to ultimate freedom. Sustaining this freedom will guide one's mind to be serene. Reaching serenity, one can then obtain wisdom.

For those who have not experienced inner tranquility, set your goal of practice toward obtaining it. For those who have attained equanimity, you shall diligently toil and labor to keep desire at bay and steadfastly hold onto the fruits of your practice.

From that, the light of wisdom will shine spontaneously and brightly. This is the way to eradicate suffering at its source.

Avoid any thoughts to have abortion

Question: Why does the son feel disgusted by his father and becomes angry whenever seeing him?

Answer: It feels very strange why such a thing would happen.

Many people say, the son and his mother get along better, the daughter and her father get along better. One family turns into two separate parties, why should it be such a case?

In fact, it is a very natural thing. When a person passed away, his/her soul seeks the next life to be born. If the soul is interested in the father and has a preference for him, then the soul will take a female form and be born as a daughter. If the soul is happy to see the mother, it may take a male form and be born as a son, who may have a very strong tie with the mother. If the soul likes the mother or is envious of the father, a poor relationship will be likely starts between the son and the father.

Another aspect that is worthwhile to pay attention is, there are certain causes that lead to the good or bad relationships between the children and their parents. Some children are naturally leaning towards their mothers, but not the fathers. Other children may be just the opposite way.

In the modern world, abortions happen too frequently than it should be. Many children may be very impolite, combative, or disobedient to their parents. Such things happen possibly because the mother had thoughts on abortion but did not actual accomplish it.

However, the effect of such thoughts can be passed on to the fetus and will reverberate through his/her life. Thus, after the baby is born, he/she may have a natural tendency of turning away from the parents.

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